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Since the discovery of Oil in 1956 and commencement of its export two years later in 1958, Nigeria has made over N95 trillion in earnings from the Oil and Gas industry.

However, the impact on the life of its citizenry has not reflected the huge gains from this sector of the economy. There is a need, therefore, for the creation of a platform that would advocate for the bridging of this gap so the gains of the industry can benefit the larger mass of the population.

The Energy Network Business is an online media Platform that is designed to bring the Oil, Gas and Energy industry and community closer to the people to build a better society.

For this reason, it would be breaking industry media convention to include some non-Energy related sub platforms and issues to this larger forum to create some synergies that would impact on the Lives of the people as well as engender a higher and more pragmatic level of interaction between ordinary citizens and the Energy industry Players.

One of the major windows, we would be exploring to achieve this objective, is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While we would be running the CSR Projects and Programs of Industry Corporate Players, the Platform, itself, would have its own CSR Programs and Projects.

As you would see in the Tops of the Class (TOTC) and the Mechanic Village Projects, Energy Network Business would be engaging in programs that directly impact the Educational sector and the Road Safety aspects of our society respectively.

These would be the Platform’s flagship Projects. The objective of this is to bring the potentials and possibilities that abound in the proper and innovative administration of these two initiatives to the attention and for the support of the Energy Community.

On this Platform, we are creating an open field of play for all sectors and sub sectors of the Energy industry for adequate and accurate representation of their operations, objectives and vision for humanity.

That is why, we would be bringing in stories of operations and projects of Energy companies onto the platform as they have on their respective websites.

In the end, we aim to validate the motto of the forum and that is, to make the Energy Network Business Blog the home for Everyone and everything Energy, Oil and Gas.

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Chris Paul Otaigbe

Group Admin




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